John Vaughan is a born and bred Capetonian from South Africa. He started knife-making as a hobby around the year 2007.

His designs are drawn from experience both in the kitchen and as a hunter.

His inspirational knifemaking figures include William Wales(Bill) Scargel(1873-1963)

His styles vary, from sweeping hunters,stubby skinners, carving,paring and chefs' knives. He also makes or restores/refurbishes knives according to customers' specifications.

John's knives come complete with a hand made sheath(if required by customer). The handles are usually made from indigenous African woods, including African Ebony, Tamboti, Protea Nitida(Waboom), Kiaat, Wild Olive(Olienhout), various Teaks, or according to customer's wood specifications.

Blade material is either Bohler N690 or Sandvic 12C27 stainless or carbon steels sourced from old files and rasps, or virgin tool steels.
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